About m-rail.net

History: premise and start-up.
I have been a model railroader since the early 1970s.  Publishing model railroad information on the Internet is one way that I try to help others enjoy this fabulous hobby. The site is produced and maintained at my own expense, as a personal contribution dedicated to support the growth and development of the greatest hobby on the planet.


Responding to Needs: revising the approach as time goes forward.
I will continue to make every effort to update this site in a regular and consistent manner,  however significant changes have been implemented. As explained below in the current status report, I am revising the content and structure into more of a static information-sharing site.

Background & Current Status Report: the brief story behind the concept.
My first site, "modelrailweb.com" was created in July 2000 with the intent of providing interactive support to my fellow model railroaders: therefore, the site originally had lots of e-mail links to which I would reply with more detailed model railroad advice.  However, maintaining an efficient interactive site while preserving time for my real job and my own modeling was quite a challenge.  In addition, my modeling interests have broadened and I wish to explore and share new aspects of the hobby.  Consequently, I changed the name of the site and I will be publishing new articles and updates as time permits.  Thanks for visiting, and please come back often!

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