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RR Links

Ann Arbor Railroad
Technical and Historical
This site contains great information about the Ann Arbor Railroad and the efforts of the Technical and Historical Association. Articles on modeling, presentations, meetings, current operations and much more!
Michigan Railroads Very professional and very thorough site that addresses everything you ever wanted to know about railroads in Michigan. Great photos, links, and much, much more! Highly recommended! A fantastic cornucopia of knowledge and photos. You won't believe the sheer volume of railroads and photos available. A gold mine for modeling references - this is a definite must-visit site if you are looking for any type of prototype pictures or history.
railhead photography This site contains an absolute goldmine of railroad photos that are available for purchase. Tons of railroads and thousands of photos.... a must-visit site!

A detailed listing of many railroad related web sites.... this site directory has thousands of links.

A great on-line discussion and posting board that covers every conceivable train topic known to man (or woman)!

This is a web site that offers custom layout building by Lance Mindheim... you may recognize his work from the pages of Model Railroader. He has some AWESOME details in his layouts, and he produces prototypically accurate scenes!


American Models

This is the home page for American Models, a Michigan-based leading manufacturer of fine S Scale model railroad locomotives, cars, track  and accessories. They have an excellent selection of top quality items that can be ordered on line.


This is the home page for Atlas, a leading manufacturer of N Scale model railroad track, locomotives, cars and accessories. They have an excellent on-line service department and you can order and pay for materials on-line.


This is the home page for Bachmann, a leading manufacturer of model railroad track, locomotives, rolling stock, structures and accessories. Their web site features lots of cool train stuff and you can contact them regarding products and services via easy-to-use links.

Berkshire Junction

Animated model railroad signals and lights for all scales. Very impressive and economical solutions for grade crossings, traffic signals, telegraph wires and more! I will be featuring their products in an upcoming layout story. Stay tuned!


Are you curious about DCC? Does a DCC conversion in N Scale frighten you? Not have the time or know-how to take the plunge? Visit this web site and learn how you can get your entire fleet converted all at one time. An excellent site for information and service. 

Discount Trains Online

This is the home page for an on-line model railroad supply house. They offer good prices and they have a very good search engine that will locate models by road name, manufacturer or scale. Check it out, you just might find exactly what you've been looking for!
G & G Trains A courteous and knowledgeable hobby shop, featuring all scales and all kinds of railroad-related items. If they don't have it in stock, they can find it and get it. G&G has been very helpful answering questions and finding N Scale stuff.  A great place to do business. 
JnJ Trains An excellent source for custom N Scale products, featuring rare or special-run road names for fallen flags. Products include freight, passenger and locomotive body shells, detail parts, ready-to-run cars and more. Great stuff - check it out! 
JTT Microscale This company manufactures over 800 items of scenery product: 1/2" to 9" Height Model Trees, Armature, Turf & Groundfoam, Gravel & Ballast, Skylights, basswood, human figures, automobiles, street furniture, etc... for Model Railroading or Architectural models.
Life Like Products This is the home page for Life-Like, another leading manufacturer of model railroad track, locomotives, rolling stock, structures and accessories. Their N Scale SW9 is a superb engine!
NJ International A great range of products for all of your multi-scale wayside signal needs. Working semaphores, signals, switch stands, grade crossing flashers, accessories, structures and much, much more. Prompt and courteous - highly recommended.

Scenic Express

A fantastic collection of AWESOME scenery supplies. Mega-realistic tree materials, ground cover, sage, grasses, you-name-it! Fast and friendly service, with lots of good advice on "how-to" use their products to create highly realistic scenery.  Highly recommended.

Schrader's Catalog

Everything you could ever possibly want to add to your railroad collection is on this site. Products include authentic railroad collectibles, signs, pins, blankets, puzzles, software, pillows, t-shirts, hats, mugs - an amazing number of products, with great prices and service.


This is the home page for SoliDesign, a custom decal creator who specializes in super thin but strong model railroad decals in YOUR choice of road name, be it fallen flag, current prototype or even your own logo. They provided me with the custom N Scale logos for my fleet of Ann Arbor diesels and I am very pleased with their talents. Highly recommended.

Sunrise Enterprises

This is the home page for Sunrise Enterprises, a leading manufacturer of fine detail parts and accessories for  a wide variety of scales and applications. They have an excellent selection of top quality items that can be ordered on line. I have personally used their materials to super-detail my N Scale GP35s and their stuff is top-notch!
Organizations This is the home page for the National Model Railroad Association. You can join this organization via the links and forms on their web site.
Publications This is the home page for one of the hobby's premier model railroad magazines. They also publish a lot of other great railroad-related periodicals.  Check them out! This is the home page for one of the other premier model railroad magazines. They have discussion groups, railroad links and great start-up information for beginners.
On this newly revised web site you can buy some really great books that detail railroad operations in the Northwest. Some Midwestern lines are also featured and there's more to come soon. Top quality writing and photos.

visti eBay today!
eBay is an excellent place to buy or sell model railroad equipment - you can find all kinds of rare items and great deals at this super auction site!

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
PayPal is an excellent way to buy your on-line model railroad supplies. I have been using PayPal successfully for almost 9 years with no problems - very fast and reputable system for sending money via e-mail and electronic fund transfers.


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